Blackboard Ally Step by Step — Step 3 Table Headers

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Step 3 Adding Headers to Tables

Ally score After Headings were AddedOnce the headings are put in Ally then looked to see if Tables had proper headers.  The score was 68% up from 48%.  Again, Ally identified the tables in the document needing mark up for these headers.  The description for clicking on the “What this means” takes you to the following description:

What are table headers?

Proper table headers help readers understand how tables are organized into columns and rows. Avoid solely using text and cell formatting, such as making the text big or bold to mimic the visual appearance of a table header, as this provides no underlying information about the structure of the table.

In this example, only one Table was identified:

To correct the Table in MS Word so that it has headings for the columns, one must highlight the top row, right click it, and then the dialog box shows up (below):

Table Properties Dialog Box with Row Table circled

Select the Row Tab here, and then click on the tick for the checkbox titled “Repeat as header row at the top of each page.”  Take the check off for “Allow row to break across pages.” This is demonstrated below.

Checkboxes to fix

This is about all you can do in Word.  Tables are not easily made accessible using MS Word.  Usually online tables are in HTML and can be made accessible.  PDF’s tables can be fixed using Adobe Acrobat Pro. has a full, well designed course for that  Titled “Advanced Accessible PDFs by Chad Chelius.  There is also an introductory course called “Creating Accessible PDFs, but the advance course goes into the details for Table Remediation.  You would have to have Adobe Acrobat Pro to fix tables that are complex.  (See video)

Html design is another way to handle representing tables in a format that  would be accessible if steps were taken to learn how to do that.

After we have completed these three steps, this document received the score we were looking for.

Perfect 100 percent score achieved

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