Deja Vu . . .and a push for Lecture Capture!

I have a new student worker who on discussion and explanation of her tasks had the same comment as my first student worker (who graduated ) regarding lecture capture “why aren’t all the classes being recorded? . . .it would be so much easier to look back at a recording rather than trying to keep up taking notes.”

So I ask you “why not capture your lecture”?  There are lecture capturing capabilities in all of the general classrooms in this building and there are additional ways we can capture content if a room is not equipped.

Try it out, maybe for just the summer????


One comment

  • I am the main admin for Mediasite and I am also available for any questions about how it works or ideas on how to incorporate this great tool into your current class lecturing.

    We are working on new features to enhance the entire lecture process to help every student to achieve his/her potential for learning.

    The common misconception of lecture capture is class attendance and or participation would be affected. We have seen in statistics that this is not the case and in most cases the students came to future classes more prepared and engaged in class discussion.

    Note taking is only as good as the person writing them, and not all our students come equipped with proper note taking skill much less study habits. Lecture capture is an additional tool to reinforce the content retention.

    With Mediasite and in the near future the My Mediasite desktop recorders you can take the more complicated material that is hard to teach in a traditional hour to three hour recorded lecture and make shorter detailed focused recordings from the comfort of your office or home.

    Just a view of how used Mediasite is last year ECU had 151647 views from a pool of 4478 recorded presentations. We house on average 14500 presentations. Allied Health alone has 53697 hours with 1686 presentations in that year.