Many Students at a Distance

Join Academic Outreach for this weekly summer series!

This summer tune in as AO chats with faculty teaching Many Students at a Distance. ECU faculty are successfully teaching distance education classes with 75+ students; all with lives beyond these classes! Academic Outreach is offering this series to disseminate best practices in teaching Many Students at a Distance.  You can either listen or read the interviews.  Some really good ideas for using the discussion board.



  • Blackboard’s discussion board is one way of engaging students. OET has also been testing Centra, Communicator, Team View, Skype, Twitter and Blogging of course! These programs all will aid in keeping in touch with students and work well in various localities. The are definitely useful in keeping in touch with students out on clinical rotations.

  • Kevin O'Brien

    Just to get in my thoughts on this teaching many from afar. Most of our progams, the core anyway revolve around a limited cohort of students. The large numbers do not necessarily apply especially in most of our clinical courses. But for any of our distance programs there might be some useful tips regarding student communication and contact. SACS in particular is interested in our student engagement and communications. Any improvement in that area are a big plus.