Web conferencing at your fingertips! Real time interaction!

And also at your students’ fingertips.  Centra now known as SabaMeeting has recently completed an upgrade which allows you to use the desktop interface with all the new features that were added to the browser interface last summer! 

You will need to install a small SabaMeeting program on your computer the first time that you join an event; however, as long as you have permission to install programs on your computer, this installation should be fairly straightforward. This will avoid the Java issue which occurred when using the browser interface.

Your students are also able to create SabaMeeting events themselves this year, so be sure to remind them to take advantage of this opportunity to virtually collaborate with others on group assignments.

Contact OET for a demo session and more information!


Centra – we can help!

The Office of Educational Technolgy, Bob and Jean, are now Centra Administrators.  This means that you can now contact either of us directly to set up and manage your Centra sessions.  It is no longer necessary to contact John Southworth or other administrators for assistance.  In addition, OET will be glad to provide an orientation to Centra and training on its use.  More importantly, we can evaluate your needs and recommend a course material delivery system best suited to you.  Please contact us for a consultation.


Centra – Staying in Touch with your Students

Centra is a web conferencing learning management system that provides a virtual classroom using live and recorded sessions. It provides voice and video communication with your students in a structured online learning environment replicating a traditional classroom. AO offers a  training course that is not only designed to help you effectively use the tools available in Centra, but also to help show you how to best integrate Centra in your course. You will learn how to use the whiteboard, load media & presentations, share web sites & applications as well as survey your students with the click of a mouse. They will discuss best practices for controlling the flow of discussion in the Centra environment as well as how best to implement Centra for your unique needs.  Go to One Stop and sign up for one of their classes or contact OET and we will be glad to set up a class here at CAHS.


For a quick demo site click here http://www.saba.com/products/centra/centra_demo/index.html