VR in the News and at ECU!

About a month ago there was an email regarding setting up a VR Interest Group at ECU.  Various departments shared what they were doing and/or what they hope to do.  There will be a Lenovo VRAR demo on April 2 that I plan to attend.  My question is who is interested in pursuing this technology and what can I do to assist?  You might want to review this recent article from Campus Technology on How to Set up a VR Pilot  Perhaps we need to look into obtaining some VR equipment?  Any interest out there?


Want to take a peak?

And see what is coming.  Reminder there is a forum tomorrow at 3:00 in the “new” Black Box Theater!

Demo Courses

Two ECU courses were imported into Canvas. You may log in and view these courses as a student using the access information below.


Login: https://ecu.instructure.com/login/canvas | E-mail: faculty | Password: ecufaculty

To test drive canvas as an instructor, visit Canvas LMS Try to set up an account and build a course.

BrightSpace D2L

Login: https://ecu.brightspacedemo.com | Username: faculty | Password: ecufaculty

To test drive BrightSpace as an instructor, visit Try BrightSpace to set up an account and build a course.

Blackboard Ultra

Login: https://blackboard.coursesites.com/ | Username: faculty | Password: ecuFaculty2019!

You may also test drive Ultra using Blackboard CourseSites. Register to begin building a course.



Lot’s of these around, some used here some used there!!  These are a few –

LMS – Learning management system, Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle to name a few and what we are currently reviewing.

LTI –  Learning Tools Interoperability Its primary purpose is to connect learning systems such as a learning management system (LMS) with external service tools in a standard way across learning systems.

MFA – Multi-Factor Authorization MFA is another layer of protection for your most vital accounts. You may already be using MFA with your bank or other personal account.  Soon to be required by all staff and faculty.  Click this link to get started.

API – Application programming interface – In general terms, it is a set of clearly defined methods of communication among various components.

MDR – Mediasite Desktop Recorder – Login here.


VPN or VPC – Virtual Private Network or Virtual Private Cloud

WP – WordPress

ROI – Return on Investment

UI/UX – User Interface/User Experience

GA – Goggle Analytics

SM(P) – Social Media (Platform)

AI – Artificial Intelligence

SQL – Structured Query Language

SaaS – Software-as-a-Service

DOS – Denial of Services

VM – Virtual Machine

AD – Active Directory

BYOD – Bring your Own Device

IoT – Internet of Things

VOIP – VOice OVer Internet Protocol

many from this source https://geekflare.com/tech-abbreviations/

Got some to share?


Teamwork really does work!

Went to a session sponsored by the College of Business about Microsoft Teams and found out how it might work well in your classes, departments and inter-departments.  Here are some of the highlights –

  • Can embed google drive, dropbox and has better integration with office 365
  • You can create teams, invite members both ECU and guests as well as students.
  • Within a team you can set up channels for students and their assignments.
  • Conversations are easy to start and files can be added and edited directly in the team area
  • Want to see more? Ask to join my team or go to the Microsoft Community for information and training.

Something is coming and you don’t want to miss it!

And it may be a new LMS on the horizon.  Please take time to attend one of the LMS Spring Demonstrations.  They will be held both on East and West Campus, and if you haven’t check out the new student center here is a great excuse.

“ECU is undertaking a review of our current and future learning management system (LMS) needs to determine next steps as our LMS hardware requires replacing in the next two years. The timing of this hardware replacement combined with significant changes in the LMS market make this an opportune time to evaluate LMS options to determine which system will best meet our needs.

The LMS (Learning Management System) is a critical tool in teaching and learning.


Read more


If you haven’t tried it before why not this semester?

Audience response devices, or Clickers, are designed to actively engage students during the entire class period, gauge students’ level of understanding of presented material, and provide prompt feedback to the instructor.  Neat article on it’s use in classroom.

Polling Options

As an instructor, you can create instant polling questions from Web content, PDF’s, Microsoft Office products, whiteboards and more. In addition, you can create and save quizzes or create interactive presentations in a PowerPoint format. Grades from polled responses can also be downloaded into the Blackboard Grade Center.

Clicker & Receiver Options

Instructors may choose to have students purchase a physical clicker or by allowing them to respond using the free TurningPoint mobile app. Mobile device polling comes at no additional out-of-pocket cost to students.



New Year, New Stuff – Skype vs Webex

Not really new but a good explanation of two tools available to use for “meeting online”.

With both WebEx Cloud and Skype for Business available to ECU users, how do you pick the right online meeting solution? Both tools share collaboration tools, audio and video options, scheduling through Outlook and a “Meet Now” feature.


Skype is part of the Office 365 download and is available to students, faculty and staff. It is currently ECU’s standard for instant messaging and desktop sharing. It is used to determine another user’s “presence” through Outlook – not available (red), green (available), yellow (away from the computer).

Skype is an excellent choice for desktop sharing and is approved to discuss FERPA information – while holding online office hours, for example. But, Skype is NOT approved for HIPAA discussion. See these security considerations.

WebEx Cloud:

Faculty and staff log in to their virtual online room to create and schedule meetings. WebEx is browser based, and the virtual online meeting URL is specific to a user’s PirateID and never changes (ecu.webex.com/join/your-pirateID). This makes it easy for staff, students and non-ECU to join meetings from a Mac, PC, telephone or Android, Windows or iOS mobile device. Note: If your WebEx meeting will involve PHI (Protected Health Information), you are not permitted to record the meeting.

Visit the video and web conferencing website for more information.

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